Dr. Carrie L. Forrest, Ph.D.

      Curriculum Vitae

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Dr. Forrest is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist specializing in clinical and forensic psychology. She has nearly three decades of clinical experience and has worked in hospital and private practice settings. In addition to Counseling and Psychotherapy services, Dr. Forrest provides detailed psychological evaluations.
Since June 2011, she has served as a Qualified Medical Evaluator in the state of California. Her experience also includes six years as an Independent Medical Examiner with a focus on evaluating Employment Development Department (EDD) recipients where malingering and/or feigning may be suspected. Dr. Forrest has completed formal expert witness training with the SEAK organization.
Dr. Forrest has served as a consultant, evaluator, and/or expert witness in cases regarding psychological injuries related to:
•    Trauma arising from catastrophic incidents
•    Trauma arising from chronic stressors
•    Posttraumatic Stress Disorder
•    Sexual, emotional, and physical abuse
•    Addiction
•    Chronic Pain
•    Personality Disorders
•    Disability
•    Sexual Harassment
•    Discrimination
•    Undue Influence

Dr. Forrest has also served as a consultant, evaluator, and/or expert witness in cases regarding:
•    Medical Treatment Planning
•    Medical Malpractice
•    Fitness for duty
•    Wrongful Termination
•    Validity and Malingering
•    Immigration
•    Family Law
•    Civil Cases
•    Employment
•    Worker’s Compensation

Dr. Forrest is a military veteran who served as an active member of the United States Air Force from 1975 to 1979. She received citations for her educational excellence while serving in the military.



Monterey, Pacific Grove, Roseville, and Sacramento California, 1990 to Present
∙    Specializing in Individual Psychotherapy with:
    ▪    Trauma Survivors, both single incident and long-term abuse
    ▪    Posttraumatic Stress Disorder
    ▪    Addictive Behaviors including Eating Disorders
    ▪    Chronic Pain   
    ▪    Depression with and without psychotic processes and suicidal ideation
    ▪    Suicidality
    ▪    Anxiety Disorders
    ▪    Dissociative Disorders
    ▪    Somatoform Disorders
    ▪    Personality Disorders
    ▪    Stress Management
    ▪    Grief Resolution
    ▪    Life Transitions
    ▪    Various professionals and agencies as needed       
∙    Utilizing a comprehensive framework developed over several decades in order to assist individuals in reducing or eliminating their conflicting issues and increasing their quality of life.

∙    Providing consultation and continuing education training to mental health professionals, attorneys, educators, physicians, and the community.

∙    Specializing in Forensic Psychology
    ▪    Family Law, Civil Cases, Criminal Cases
    ▪    Employment, Fitness for Duty, Wrongful Termination, Validity and Malingering, Worker’s Compensation, Immigration Evaluations
    ▪    Educational, Emotional Support Animals General Psychological Evaluations with young adults, adults, and geriatric populations within a continuum level of care
    ▪    Medical Treatment Planning, Medical Malpractice
∙    Specialized Therapeutic Skills
    ▪    Dialectical Behavioral Therapy
    ▪    EMDR
    ▪    Psychodynamic Psychology
    ▪    Biofeedback
    ▪    Anger Management
    ▪    Art Therapy
    ▪    Dramatic Re-enactment Therapy
    ▪    Play Therapy
    ▪    Sand Tray
    ▪    Fantasy Therapy
    ▪    Dream Analysis
    ▪    Family Reconstruction
    ▪    Medical Hypnotherapy

Monterey, California, June 2011 to Present
∙    Knowledgeable and competent with experience in:
    ▪    AME/QME Medical-Legal Evaluations
    ▪    Health, Safety and Labor codes that apply to clinical psychology and with the California’s Worker’s Compensation system.
    ▪    Psychodiagnostic evaluations, clinical assessment, and medical treatment planning.
    ▪    Injuries which are exclusively psychological, as well as injuries that are present in conjunction with physical injuries.
    ▪    Gathering relevant facts pertaining to accidents and/or illnesses while providing objective conclusions based upon comprehensive evaluations determined within a reasonable psychological probability.
    ▪    Clarifying and determining causation and apportionment issues as appropriate for psychological injuries, thus enabling the Disability Evaluation Unit to rate permanent disability for the injured worker and permitting the parties involved to resolve their cases.
    ▪    Expert witness work including written reports, depositions, court settings.
    ▪    Serving the Worker’s Compensation system as Qualified Medical Evaluator (QME), Primary Treating Physician, Secondary Physician, and Consulting Physician.

Monterey, Pacific Grove, Sacramento and Roseville California, 1989 to Present
∙    Specializing in:
    ▪    Trauma
    ▪    Posttraumatic Stress Disorder
    ▪    Physical, Sexual, Emotional Abuse
    ▪    Anxiety Disorders
    ▪    Addictive Behaviors, including Eating Disorders
    ▪    Physical Illnesses
    ▪    Phobias
    ▪    Chronic Pain
    ▪    Depression
    ▪    Obsessive Compulsive Disorders
    ▪    Sports Enhancement
    ▪    Life Transitions
    ▪    Stress Management
    ▪    Dissociative Disorders
    ▪    Somatoform Disorders

Monterey, California, 2007 to 2008
∙    Developed and implemented the RELIEF Program, a comprehensive 10-week, 200-hour Chronic Pain Program.
State of California, 1991 to 1997
∙        Evaluate EDD recipients as an expert opinion in cases where malingering and/or feigning may exist or be suspected.
∙    Establish a timeline for a recipient to return to their previous work situation.
∙        Recommend appropriateness for continued benefits and further testing based on evaluation and psychometric measures.

Associate Director of Partial Hospitalization
Roseville, California 1994 to 1995

∙    Trained and led treatment teams for both single and dual diagnosis.
∙    Interacted with assorted agencies to insure continuity of treatment, including but not limited to, in-patient settings, group homes, convalescent hospitals, and legal agencies.
∙    Addressed numerous legal issues, psychiatric holds, 5150/5250, supervised clinical interns (LCSWs, LMFTs, PhDs).
∙    Performed director duties as needed.
∙    Monitored and evaluated group clinicians and facilitators for appropriateness of treatment.
∙    Monitored and ensured patients' level of care met criteria for hospital, federal, and state requirements.
∙    Developed evaluation forms for quarterly reviews of facilitators and clinicians for compliance with federal and state guidelines.
∙    Developed and implemented system which reduced hospitals collections denial rate from 56% to 36% during its first quarter of implementation and to 18% during its second quarter.
∙    Developed and managed Psychological conferences and workshops.
∙    Performed administrative duties.
∙    Developed and performed in-services with professional hospital staff.

Clinical Director of Psychological Services
Roseville, California 1993 to 1994

∙    Developed and managed psychological treatment within hospital setting.
∙    Developed and managed professional educational programs.
∙    Assisted in recruiting and credentialing of Clinical Psychologists and other health care professionals.
∙    Met regularly with treatment teams at various levels of care for discussion and clinical training.
∙    Monitored and evaluated the quality of patient care.
∙    Monitored and evaluated the performance of Clinical Psychologists and other Community Mental Health Professionals, ensuring they were in compliance with hospital, federal, and state guidelines.
∙    Developed and implemented  monitoring systems for hospital wide use for charting, psychometric measures, and internships.
∙    Monitored and activated psychometric measures, charting and internships within hospital setting.            
∙    Developed and implemented marketing strategies for recruitment and services within the community.
∙    Maintained direct and regular involvement with local television and radio programs concerning psychological and community issues.
∙    Developed and chaired various state and local community conferences and workshops. 

Psychological Director of Women’s Services
Roseville, California 1992 to 1994

∙    Developed programs and administered a specialized Women’s Track embedded within a Partial Hospitalization Program setting, integrated as a continuum level of care.
∙    Focused on utilizing Community Mental Health Professionals as resources and group leaders to facilitate the healing process of acute and chronic mentally ill women and their family systems.
∙    Interviewed, evaluated, hired, scheduled, monitored and terminated clinicians.
∙    Developed groups and group content, facilitating continued growth and development of programs. Groups included:
    ▪    Depression
    ▪    Codependency
    ▪    Addiction
    ▪    Sexual Abuse
    ▪    Physical Abuse
    ▪    Emotional Abuse
    ▪    Psychological Abuse
    ▪    Family Systems
    ▪    Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
    ▪    Anxiety
    ▪    Interpersonal Communication
    ▪    Self Care
    ▪    Grief
    ▪    Life Transitions
    ▪    Malingering or Feigning
    ▪    Personality Disorders
∙    Monitored and evaluated clinicians within group settings to insure compliance with hospital, state, and federal guidelines.
∙    Monitored and evaluated clinicians to ensure they complied with group content and maintained highest level of care.
∙    Assisted in psychological interventions with treating professionals, staff, and patients.
∙    Led treatment teams, program meetings, and in-services to address behaviors within a partial hospital setting. Behaviors addressed included:
    ▪    Acute and chronic suicidal
    ▪    Homicidal
    ▪    Hostile
    ▪    Passive
    ▪    Hysterical
    ▪    Manipulative
∙    Developed and implemented marketing strategies for recruitment and services within the community.
∙    Developed and chaired various state and local community conferences and workshops.

Roseville, California, 1989 to 1990
∙    Supervisor, Harry D. Silsby, MD Central Regional Director, Charter Behavioral Health Systems, Medical Director Military Affairs, Charter Medical Corporation.
∙    Specialized in adults diagnosed as Dual Diagnosis with acute and chronic emotional illnesses in both in-patient, partial hospitalization and out-patient settings.

Auburn, California 1988 to 1989

∙    Supervisor, Cynthia Stevens, Ph.D., Placer County Sexual Abuse Treatment Program.
∙    Developed and implemented programs for sexually abused children, 13 and younger, including their family systems and the offenders.

Sacramento, California 1985 to 1986
∙    Specialized in adults, children, and adolescents with histories of abuse (offenders and victims), addictive behaviors and life stressors.

California State University at Sacramento, 1983 to 1984

∙    Specialized in adults and their family systems.

Mental Health Counselor: Re-Ed West, Sacramento, California 1983 to 1984
∙    Specialized in children with severe emotional problems living in group home situations.   

Areas of expertise:
▪    Trauma arising from catastrophic incidents
▪    Trauma arising from chronic stressors
▪    Posttraumatic Stress Disorder
▪    Acute and chronic trauma
▪    Sexual, emotional, and physical abuse
▪    Personal Injury
▪    Worker’s Compensation
▪    Child Abuse: Criminal and Civil
▪    Victims and Offenders
▪    Competency Bench Hearings
▪    Custody Evaluations
▪    Medical Procedures
▪    Addiction
▪    Chronic Pain
▪    Personality Disorders
▪    Disability
▪    Sexual Harassment
▪    Discrimination
▪    Undue Influence
▪    Medical Treatment Planning
▪    Medical Malpractice
▪    Fitness for duty
▪    Wrongful Termination
▪    Validity and Malingering
▪    Immigration
▪    Family Law
▪    Civil Cases
▪    Employment

∙    Emotional support determinations.
∙    Infancy and child development research, East New Mexico State University, 1979-1980.           
∙    Personality as relates to certain manifestations and predispositions to illness.
∙    Comprehensive Psychological Evaluations, Expert Witness.
∙    Long and short term Psychotherapy, assessment and treatment with young adults, adults, and geriatric populations as individuals and in groups in both in and outpatient settings, utilizing a comprehensive theoretical framework based on the individual’s circumstances and need.

Dissertation Chair: Sacramento, California 1988 to 1989
∙    Supervised doctoral graduate students in Clinical Psychology.
∙    Taught graduate level students in Clinical Psychology.
∙    Worked with students and university in development of individual dissertation programs.
∙    Taught Master and Bachelor level students and Community Mental Health Professionals
∙    Conducted Psychiatric Hospital inpatient and Psychiatric Partial Hospital in-services, 1985-1989
∙    Clinical Supervision of Master and Doctoral level interns and Psychological Assistants in both outpatient and inpatient settings.

∙    SEAK, Expert Witness Training, San Diego, CA, March 2019
∙    Qualified Medical Evaluator (QME), WorkComp Central, 2011

Ph.D., 1987, Clinical Psychology
Sierra University, Santa Monica, California

M.A., 1985, Counseling Psychology
California State University at Sacramento

B.A., 1982, Psychology
California State University at Sacramento
East New Mexico State University

1.    Clinical Psychologist - California Board of Quality Assurance #PSY11728, 1990
2.    QME/ California Qualified Medical Evaluator #QME112345, 2011
3.    Certified Level Two Practitioner in EMDR, 1993
4.    Certified Medical Hypnotherapist, 1995       

Professional Community Presented

Sacramento, Roseville, Monterey, California
1.    Posttraumatic Stress
2.    Depression
3.    Personality Disorders
4.    Anxiety Disorders
5.    Grief and Loss
6.    Cognitive Therapy and Pain
7.    Living with Pain
8.    Addictive Behaviors
9.    Life Transitions after Injury
10.    Borderline Personalities
11.    Narcissistic Personalities
12.    Adults Molested as Children
13.    Adult Children of Alcoholics
14.    Child Abuse and Neglect
15.    Visualized Affirmations
16.    Alternative Lifestyles
17.    Eating Disorders
18.    Strength of Self
19.    Borderline Personalities in an inpatient setting
20.    Dissociative Disorders           
21.    Difficult Clients
22.    Clinical Boundaries
23.    Journaling
24.    Stress Reduction
25.    Stress Management for Clinicians
26.    Helping Professionals

General Community Presented
Sacramento, Pacific Grove, Monterey, California (1984 - Present)
1.    Living with Pain
2.    Coping with Chronic Illness
3.    Grief, Loss, and Community
4.    Adult Children of Alcoholics
5.    Depression
6.    Stress Management
7.    Meditation
8.    Anxiety
9.    Addictions
10.    Life Transitions
11.    Divorce
12.    Hypnosis and Healing
13.    Adults Molested as Children
14.    Eating Disorders
15.    Empowerment of Women
16.    Visualization
17.    Care Taking Elderly Parents
18.    Divorce and Children
19.    Single Parenting
20.    Coping with the Holidays
21.    Family Rebuilding
22.    Rebuilding After Loss
23.    Alternative Lifestyles
24.    Body as an Emotional Indicator
25.    Bodily Communication Aspects of Sexuality

Groups Facilitated

1.    Chronic Pain
2.    Addictive Behaviors
3.    Depression
4.    Anxiety Disorders
5.    Stress Management                           
6.    Grief and Loss
7.    Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
8.    Emotional Regulation — Anger
9.    Adults with Chemical Dependencies
10.    Meditation
11.    Breath Work
12.    Journaling
13.    Adults Molested As Children
14.    Adults from Dysfunctional Families
15.    Play Therapy
16.    Eating Disorders
17.    General Women’s Support
18.    Alternative Lifestyles
19.    Single Mothers
20.    Life Transitions

∙    Developed community self help programs for adult children caring for aging parents.
∙    Head Researcher 1985 National Child Abuse Conference
∙    Military Service USAF 1975 to 1979, Honorable Discharge

∙    Member, Monterey Bay Psychological Association
∙    Associate Member, California Psychological Association
∙    Member, Sacramento Valley Psychological Association
∙    Member, Chronic Pain Society
∙    Member, American Pain Foundation
∙    Member. National Institute of Hypnotherapy
∙    Member, International Research for Dissociative Disorders
∙    Member, National Association for Female Executives
∙    Member, Committee National Association of Partial Hospitals
∙    Member, Monterey Chamber of Commerce
∙    Member, Better Business Bureau
∙    Resource, Alliance on Aging
∙    Resource, Sally Griffin Senior Center
∙    Resource, Victims of Child Abuse Legislation
∙    Volunteer Clinician, Sacramento AIDS Foundation
∙    Board Member, The Chemical Dependency Center
∙    Volunteer Resource, Educator and Facilitator, Sacramento Bereavement Outreach Program
∙    Board Member, Family Support Programs
∙    Resource, Educator Placer County Women Services
∙    Resource, Women Escaping a Violent Environment
∙    Resource, California Consortium of Child Abuse Councils
∙    Resource, National Pain Center